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GBFDC was founded by Derek Williams who retired at the end of 1991, after a couple of years sightseeing and generally enjoying himself decided to join a Great Britain FDC Collectors Club. When he enquired, in early 1994, it turned out that there wasn't one, so he did some fishing around for interested collectors and by the autumn of that year had collected 40 names.

On October 1st 1994 he sent out the first magazine. By November 1995 there were 100 members and about 175 a year later. By the end of 1997 there were around 250.

In February 1998 he handed the association to younger members to run, so that it would be able to continue safely without him. After all, he was well into bonus time having passed three score years and ten in 1996. The first person to offer help was Richard Park, followed soon afterwards by Chris Sutcliffe and later by Phil Sheridan. This has since grown to a larger committee, who continue to do an excellent job.

If you are a GB FDC collector you are urged to join the Association. For only 12 per annum you will be able to contact hundreds of keen collectors interested in all aspects of GB First Day Covers. The magazine is full of readers letters and interesting articles.

The postal auction run by Richard Park is also a must, where you can buy and sell at better rates than any other FDC auction.

Sadly Derek Williams Life Long President of GBFDC died on the 15th May 2011. This website is now looked after by Cover Collecting's Richard Park who is Chairman of GBFDC.

There are no further planned First Day Cover productions from GBCovers. Derek's Last Cover was Thomas the Tank Engine GB164.

The GBFDC website can be viewed at www.gbfdc.co.uk.

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