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For beginners

Welcome to GBCovers which is now managed by Cover Collecting


A First Day Cover is an envelope posted on the first day of issue of the stamps that are on it. So if you go to your post office on the first day that a new stamp (or set of stamps) is issued, stick it (or them) onto an envelope and post the envelope that day, it will be a first day cover, because the postmark will be the same as the issue date of the stamps.

For experts

GBCovers made very small editions of Official First Day Covers. They all bear a full set of GB Commemorative stamps (not definitives except for a few rare exceptions). GBCovers first day cover envelopes were hand made and they really are 'different', you'll love 'em or hate 'em!

GBCovers was run single handed by Derek Williams. A retired octogenarian doing this for a hobby, living by the canal in Apsley in the county of Hertfordshire, England and selling to a small, but loyal band of collectors.

To Purchase back issues of GBCovers follow the link:

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